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A Review of has achieved a lot of “firsts” in the business of selling eyeglasses. As the first eyeglass shop to sell prescription eyeglasses and progressive lenses online, has one of the largest online selections of eyeglasses and is the first and only online retailer staffed by certified opticians. Founded by eye doctors, the retailer maintains an expert staff of opticians that can answer any questions and help you find the right eyeglasses from the style and size to the type of lens and coating.

The retailer offers more eyeglasses than you will find anywhere else, and it has an easily navigable website to help you narrow down what you need. If it’s your first time purchasing eyeglasses, the website has guides to walk you through the process. If you’re a veteran in purchasing eyeglasses, there are easy search functions and filters to find what you need quickly. The highly customizable search filter on helps you narrow down your glasses to the perfect choice for you. You can filter by gender, brand, style, frame material, frame shape, frame color, price, size, and frame type to pick the eyeglasses that fit your style, comfort, and price range. sells premium Essilor lenses, top-notch lens coatings, and guarantees 100% prescription lens accuracy.

Here’s a complete guide to the prices, brands, and unique features of

Brands and Prices Offered has a large selection of over 400 brands on its website, many of which are prescription brands including Ray Ban, Oakley, Wiley-X, Costa Del Mar, Maui Jim, and more. There are also luxury brands like Kate Spade, Burberry, Juicy Couture, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch, and Versace

Since offers such a large variety of prescription brands, they also offer a wide variety of prices to fit any budget. Their cheapest eyeglasses are $42.50 for simple reading glasses, while the luxury brands take the price tag up to $952.50 for Zegna Couture black frame eyeglasses. If you’re the majority of customers who fall somewhere in the middle of these two extremes, there are plenty of options for you. The majority of eyeglasses on fall in the $100 to $250 range, where you’ll find Carrera, Nike, Fossil, Ray Ban, Tommy Hilfiger, and much more.

Quality of Lenses

The retailer has a strict review process of all prescription eyeglasses. First, the company ensures that every pair of eyeglasses sold on its website is stylish and comfortable. On, style is never sacrificed. Then, the company ensures that the eyeglasses are durable and follow the best manufacturing standards. has a variety of single-vision lenses and multi-vision lenses, the latter of which includes bi-focals, tri-focals, and progressive lenses. There are also options to choose from when picking your lens material. You can choose plastic lenses, which are the least expensive and most common type of lens purchased. You can also choose an impact resistant polycarbonate lens ideal for children and active individuals or a High Index 1.67 lens, which is a thinner lens for people with stronger eyeglass prescriptions. In addition to these traditional lenses, offers polychromatic lenses that easily adjust between indoors and outdoors with anti-reflective coatings that protect you from UV rays and progressive lenses, which easily transition between near and far vision.

How Helps you Pick the Right Eyeglasses

As anyone who shops online knows, it can be difficult to make sure that the item you are purchasing will fit you correctly. takes several steps to prevent you from purchasing the wrong eyeglasses for your face. The Frame Size Guide directs buyers through the first step of choosing eyeglasses: measuring their face correctly. The guide shows buyers how to measure the glasses’ eye, bridge, and temple sizes, as well as the lens height in order to find the optimal eyeglasses. If you don’t have eyeglasses already, you can even send a photo of your face and their opticians will determine a measurement for you.

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Once you know the size of your eyeglasses, the second step to purchasing eyeglasses is choosing your style. organizes their frames by styles such as Hipster, Nerdy, Sporty, Classic, Retro, Unique, and more. If you’re at a loss, there’s a guide for this section, too. The Face Shape Guide categorizes suggested styles based on the shape of your face. For example, the guide suggests that individuals with oval faces, who generally have balanced features, high cheekbones, and narrow chins, look for eyeglasses with bold shapes and fun textures like the retro cat-eye look. You can use an uploaded photo of yourself in this section too, but this time to virtually “try on” different eyeglasses.

If you need additional help, the attraction of is their staff of expert opticians. You can call the retailer anytime to speak to an optician directly. They can answer any of your questions and walk you through the process of purchasing eyeglasses.

Ease of Purchase and Returns offers free shipping and If you don’t like your new eyeglasses, there is a 30 day return policy from the day you receive your order. They also offer a price match guarantee that ensures you are receiving the best price possible. If you find the same eyeglasses sold somewhere else for less, they will match the lower price. All eyeglasses at come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. So, if the nasal pad prong breaks or if a coating starts to wear off within one year, you can return your eyeglasses free of charge.

Special Promotions

If you sign up for their newsletter, you will get 15% off your first purchase. The website also offers huge sales around holidays. For example, its Labor Day weekend sale offered 50% off all eyeglasses or 15% off sunglasses. As a major online retailer, is a great option to shop at during nationwide sales such as Black Friday or Memorial Day weekend. Also Gives Back

The retailer supports See Change, an initiative run by’s parent company, the Essilor Group, to improve lives by improving sight. Essilor was recently named among the 51 companies changing the world according to Forbes’ first “Change the World list. With the help of, the company has helped provide eyeglasses to three million people across four continents since 2013. So when you purchase your next pair of eyeglasses from, you will be helping the effort to provide better vision to marginalized populations across the globe.

Why wait? Check out for yourself and explore the hundreds of options available at your fingertips. Don’t forget to reach out to the opticians through phone or online chat if you need any help selecting your ideal pair of eyeglasses.