Where to find the Best Eyeglasses Online

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Buying Glasses Online

Is this your first time buying glasses online? Do you not know the things to look for while buying glasses online? Or the advantages of buying glasses online? We are here to guide you through the whole process so that you do not have to be haunted by questions like this again. So before getting down to the intricacies let us start with a very simple questions. Can I buy prescription glasses online?  Should you buy glasses online? If you are here, you are probably looking to find the best deal on eyeglasses.  We have that covered too in our line-up of the best place to buy eyeglasses online chart and reviews. Read on to find out more.

Should you buy glasses online?

Yes, you can, and you absolutely should.  In this fast digital age, we are always busy with work, career, education or something else. Hence the little free time you get should be spent with your loved ones and not buying frames. You can get millions of types of frames, glasses and accessories to go with your glasses online. You do not have to go through the hassle of visiting every shop and bargaining for the right price. Maybe you just want to know, where can I buy cheap glasses online. Or perhaps you are looking to buy designer glasses online.  Your answers are here. We will help streamline your search of the best online glasses sites. Once you find a site which meets with your approval, then all you have to do is provide your preferences and they will help you out accordingly.

What are the things you should consider while buying glasses online?

While buying glasses there are a lot of points that you have to see and consider.  We have highlighted some of the important ones for you

Get your eyes examined: This is first and a crucial step to begin with. If you have prescriptions then use that. However, get to know the expiry date of the prescription. Get a new one if you have to. You will be offered lenses based on the information provided in your prescription. So any wrong information passed on to them by you will hamper your choices.

Getting the frame size: This is an important aspect as the frame size also depends on three crucial factors:

1. Lens width- As it says the width between the two extremes of the lens

2. Bridge width- It is concerned with the size of the width that is held over your nose

3. Temple arm length- This is the length of the arms that extend till the back of your ear.

Based on this you will be allotted a frame.

Knowing your face shape- There are four basic face shapes. They are round, square, oval and heart. Depending upon your face shape you feed into the system while choosing frames, you will understand the different shapes of frames you could choose while picking one. Face shapes are also the reason why some frames suit one but not the other individual. Hence choose wisely.

Know the type of lens you need- if you have been dealing with near sightedness or far sightedness, then single vision lenses are what you need. These have just one corrective power. These are also great for the ones suffering from presbyopia. Multifocal lenses, on the other hand, are the ones who have different corrective powers. They could use bifocal or progressive.

Get to know about your lens- There are basically four types of lens that are available. Plastic, polycarbonate, High index 1.67, High index 1.74. Depending upon your budget, age and prescription you will be allowed to choose among these four types. However, there is always the case of custom made lenses for rare eye disorders. You can get lenses according to your will using your prescription.

Know the different types of lens coating options– After you are done with the picking and selection of lens and frame; all you have to do is pick your lens coat. If you will be mostly outdoors then use the UV protection lenses, if you have a problem seeing objects in the sun then use an anti glare coating or anti reflective coating, if you want your glasses to automatically adjust the light levels according to the surrounding then opt for a sun sensitive reactive type lense.

Advantages of buying glasses online:

There are many advantages of buying glasses online. We have listed some of the important ones for you.

Selection– Unlike when you visit a spectacle shop, your choices on the internet is not limited by the four walls of the shop. With constant access to the internet and smart phones, laptops and I-pads, it has made your job easier than ever. All you have to do is check out the glasses, frames, lenses and any accessories you would like with it. Furthermore, you get to know about the customer reviews that are related to the current lens or frame you are buying.

Price- We all have wanted to own a pair of Ray Bans but couldn’t due to the obvious reason, the price. However, when buying online you do not have to worry about that. There is a competitive market present online that lets you pick your desired lens at the lowest price available.

Ease- Buying glasses without even having to step out of the house are comfort and luxury at its best. You can look, buy and even return the products just with a touch or a click. With over so many brands and so many sites offering you glasses you will be overwhelmed at the scope you are being offered.

These were some of the things that you should look into while buying glasses online. Apart from this, a lot goes into buying glasses. However, you should not be stressed about it. Take your time and chose wisely. And if you are not satisfied, simply opt for a return or a replacement.